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Jeannette Austin - Owner/Operator

Jeannette Austin - Owner/Operator

Diamond J is a Kamloops based consulting agency that serves clients in B.C., Alberta and internationally by providing contract services and facilitation to municipalities, associations and corporations. In addition, we offer business coaching in either corporate or personal, one-on-one sessions and motivational speeches.

Mission Statement

Diamond J Consulting is passionate about empowering you to achieve new heights by bringing quality strategic planning, project management, administration and coaching to your organization.

We value confidentiality, integrity and credibility. We do what it takes to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations — continuously listening to clients and “raising the bar” at every opportunity.

As a client-focused firm, we provide innovative, results-focused consulting to meet your needs through one-on-one consultation, needs assessment and coaching.

Kamloops Lake

Photo: Kamloops Lake